Cellulite, Are you kidding me?

A very dear friend said, “You HAVE to write about cellulite.” I thought “Are you kidding? Isn’t everyone sick of that?” “Maybe, but still people don’t get it!”

“That is ALL I do all day.” Cellulite, fat loss, skin tighten, rinse and repeat. And then I realized, oh right, just because I do this day in and day out, doesn’t mean that other women know what that means. And most important is how do you get rid of it! So let’s discuss:

”We get rid of the fat that is not your fault.” And that is what cellulite is, MOSTLY!!!!! Cellulite is a layer of fat that is most superficial to the skin, it lives above the layer of fat that we actually have control over. But nearly 30 years ago a very brilliant company in France started to clinically determine what the heck this cottage cheese that accumulates in various regions of our body is.

Imagine a cross section of your skin….oooh I know this may hearken back to 9th grade biology, but here we go: …a cross section of your skin, now imagine a parfait (no I am not trying to get you off desserts): you have a top layer of skin, the stratum corneum, the epidermis and the dermis, all together SKIN! Just below, you have the subcutaneous layer, OF FAT! THE CELLULITE LAYER. I know right? Already? Couldn’t we have had a buffer section or something? No! We have fatty tissue that is informed by a combination of genetics and hormones, translation. Because of the connective fibers that run up and down through that layer, they become anchor points for the dimples we see. Those bands become thicker, stronger and more rigid, as the subcu layer becomes more congested. This is why our cellulite gets worse as we get older. Below that we find the layer of fat which is impacted by diet, exercise, and possibly liposuction (more about that later). This is the layer that is your fault! Wink-wink-nudge-nudge-titter-titter. And below that layer, we get to muscle.

The subcu layer can become congested as we move monthly through our hormonal cycle. Each time we get bloated and uncomfortable, we are retaining fluids. Our lymphatic system is responsible for carrying debris away. It runs everywhere in the body, very superficially. I think of it like street sweepers through the body. As the lymphatic system gets congested, that subcu layer swells, causing the connective bands to start to hunker down, since connective tissue not only has the responsibility of connecting one thing to another but also has to maintain a certain spatial relationship. This in turn begins to impair the micro-circulation; we are not getting good blood flow to those layers. Have you ever noticed how really bad cellulite can oftentimes have a mottled appearance? Improved circulation helps improve the coloration of the skin. The lack of good blood supply causes the fat cells to get larger and reconfigured causing further plumping. Then the cycle continues.

So our solution to cellulite is simply this. We use technologies that can address the key factors that create the cellulite: we improve circulation, increase lymphatic flow, facilitate fat loss, soften connective bands and tone and tighten skin. This creates smooth beautiful skin, and a better contour. I know, it sounds like a lot, but Come see us and we will show you just how easy it is. The information behind the machines is complex, but having smoother skin is not.


About peramorebh

Sixteen years ago I became a technician for anti-cellulite treatments under the direction of a Board Certified plastic surgeon. I then went on to train doctors and their staffs on the use of the machine and other anti-cellulite technologies including Sorisa's Dermosonic, shortly after it received its FDA clearance. I am very honored/proud to have the only location in Beverly Hills to offer the Dermosonic and to be the first Manufacturer Certified Trainer on the West Coast, the first to also offer Reaction by Viora in Beverly Hills; we also offer Smoothshapes, originally distributed by Eleme. I have also been a massage therapist for 27 years, giving over 20,000 massages. Originally trained in New York City, I have continued to develop my skills on both coasts over the years. I am also offering Massage Therapy at this location.
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