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Sixteen years ago I became a technician for anti-cellulite treatments under the direction of a Board Certified plastic surgeon. I then went on to train doctors and their staffs on the use of the machine and other anti-cellulite technologies including Sorisa's Dermosonic, shortly after it received its FDA clearance. I am very honored/proud to have the only location in Beverly Hills to offer the Dermosonic and to be the first Manufacturer Certified Trainer on the West Coast, the first to also offer Reaction by Viora in Beverly Hills; we also offer Smoothshapes, originally distributed by Eleme. I have also been a massage therapist for 27 years, giving over 20,000 massages. Originally trained in New York City, I have continued to develop my skills on both coasts over the years. I am also offering Massage Therapy at this location.

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!!!!

Given that we are full swing into the back to school season, I use this title only as an analogy for this week’s reoccurring topic. It’s pretty easy to see what we don’t have. We have the fortune to live … Continue reading

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Shifting from NOT Ready to READY

Weeks always seem to have a theme. This week, it seems to be one of those times when we say we want to accomplish something but for some reason with all good intentions we just cannot seem to get there. … Continue reading

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Cellulite, Are you kidding me?

A very dear friend said, “You HAVE to write about cellulite.” I thought “Are you kidding? Isn’t everyone sick of that?” “Maybe, but still people don’t get it!” “That is ALL I do all day.” Cellulite, fat loss, skin tighten, … Continue reading

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